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Friday Results

Friday racing is a result of the popularity of "street racing," faster cars and "quicker" cars which have been an outgrowth of a growing imports class with a higher horsepower to weight ratio - and some innovative aftermarket street legal technology.  This trend has been years in the making - both on the street and at the strip - and now we bring it to you in the form of REAL STREET DRAGS and this web site

That's right - we have seen a "stock" street legal CRX "dust" a stock Corvette.  Check out the new Subaru All Wheel Drives!  A new Mercedes "hammer" a new Trans Am.  It is not a pretty sight.  Note: even though the Corvette should have been quicker - the CRX driver was smart enough to make sure his tires didn't spin and all that torque went to getting him down the track - he was (for an instant) the better driver . . . and he proved it!


  • Trophies to CLASS Winners and Runners-up.

  • Only $5 Buy Back to Trophy Cars and Trophy Bikes.

  • INTERNET PICTURES to CLASS Winners and GRUDGE Winners.

  • FRIDAY STREET DRAGS on a real 1/8th Mile NHRA Dragstrip.

  • Infrared "Full Tree" start - electronic finish line - green light win -  scoreboards!

  • Computer ET time slips - with your real racing results!    

How to Race Your Car in FRIDAY STREET DRAGS

  • Purchase Admission and then get a $10 Tech Card at the front gate at Music City Raceway on Fridays after 6:00 PM.   Spectator Admission is only $5.  Only $10 more to race!  If you need it - only $5 to buy back.

  • Fill out the Tech Card completely -

  • Go to Tech Inspection.  Get your car inspected.  Sign releases and adhere to rules of the track.

  • You will be assigned a "racing number" if you don't already have one . . . and you will need to place it on your vehicle front window and passenger side window (shoe polish preferred by racers).  White shoe polish in concessions stand.

  • Get in lanes one (1) and two (2) - right lane is (1) and left lane is (2), for  a "Full Tree" which is generally used by bracket racers. (If you get there early you will see the staging and racing process). 

  • Lanes are cut-off approximately an hour before eliminations - if you want a bunch of time trials . . . get there early and not just before the National Anthem.

  • Run eliminations after the National Anthem - you WIN you stay in.  You miss a round - you are out . . . or Buy Back at the front gate. 

  • Challenge Racing - this will be out of lane five (5) and coordinated with Big K or the Friday night lane director - CLICK HERE.

  • Run Your Own Race - this will be out of lanes three (3) and four (4) and arranged in advance with Rick at - CLICK HERE.

All Friday races at Music City Raceway - click on this banner for directions . . .


If you want - Challenge Race and ask for a 4 tenths "Pro Tree" (just like on TV) - and get the results at the ET booth . . . !

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