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Friday Results

Racer 2011 Challenges Won To Date
Austin Ayers 2
Thomas Kleppin 1
Channing Weaver 1
James Rowlett 1
Lade Conlee 1
Randy Boone 1
Chris Lopez 1
Robert Perez 1
Justin Wood 1
Robert Blackwell 1

Austin Ayres "takes one" in the Winners Circle at Picture Time!
Special Image Feature Below Courtesy of Triple Head Racing!

Racer 2010 Challenges Won To Date
Robert Blackwell 8
Charlie Hudgens 6
Randy Boone 5
Austin Ayers 4
Dwayne Overby 4
James Rowlett 3
Jeff Hornal 3
Jonathan Baker 3
Thomas Kleppin 3
Triple Cheese Lybarger 3
Ashton Knowles 2
Chris Quinn 2
Dwayne Lackey 2
Kelly Collon 2
Larry Hand 2
Robert Knight 2
Shane Groshong 2
Steven Higgenbothom 2
The following with one (1) - Allen Mann, Ashton Krantz, Billy Duke, Billy Warren, Jr., Blake Billings, Brandon George, Brian Liles, Camden Holder, Chris Lopez, Cody Baker, Darrell Myers, Don Emry, Edgar De Nacimiento, Fred Blair, Gideon Alcon, Jacob Bradbury, Jamie Romines, Jeff Bates, Jeff Jones, John Elvis Choate, Josh Bailey, Kevin McCollum, Larry James, Melodie Feddie, Money Martin, Perry Morris, Randy Johnson, Speedy Ogg, Terry Frost, Tim Evans, Tim Inman, Vijay Rampers, and Walker Black

Date of Challenge Challenger Challenged Winner of Challenge
8/12/11 Joe Perez Robert Perez Robert Perez
8/5/11 Don Kleppin Thomas Kleppin Thomas Kleppin
6/18/11 Austin Ayres Justin Wood Justin Wood
5/6/11 Austin Ayres Ronnie Cunningham Austin Ayres
5/6/11 Mark Pike Lade Conlee Lade Conlee
5/6/11 Randy Boone Chris Lopez Randy Boone
4/29/11 Austin Ayres Todd Boone Austin Ayres
4/29/11 Chris Lopez Claude Peters Not Completed
4/29/11 Marcus Watkins Brittany Watkins DQ due to Driver Change
4/22/11 Austin Ayres Robert Blackwell Robert Blackwell
4/22/11 Marcus Watkins Chris Lopez Chris Lopez
4/8/11 Austin Ayres James Rowlett James Rowlett
4/1/11 Channing Weaver Thomas Kleppin Channing Weaver
10/22/10 Ashton Knowles Marcus Watkins Ashton Knowles
10/22/10 William Stinson Darrell Myers Darrell Myers
10/22/10 Brent Carver Randy Johnson Randy Johnson
10/22/10 Billy Key Jeff Hornal Jeff Hornal
10/22/10 Shane Groslong Thomas Kleppin Thomas Kleppin
10/22/10 Larry James Jeff Hornal Jeff Hornal
10/22/10 Brent Carver Charlie Hudgens Charlie Hudgens
10/22/10 James Cox Kevin Calderhead No Winner (not completed)
10/15/10 Melodie Feddie Josh Hite Melodie Feddie
10/15/10 Robert Blackwell Steve Parks Robert Blackwell
10/15/10 Chris Quinn Charlie Hudgens Chris Quinn
10/15/10 Randy Johnson Robert Blackwell Robert Blackwell
10/15/10 Chris Lopez Randal Jarman Chris Lopez
10/1/10 Robert Blackwell Jonathan Baker Robert Blackwell
10/1/10 Chris Lopez Randy Boone Randy Boone
10/1/10 Larry James Jeff Jones Jeff Jones
10/1/10 Don Emry James Rowlett James Rowlett
9/17/10 Jonathan Baker Robert Blackwell No Winner (1-1 not completed)
9/3/10 Ashton Krantz Grant Gonzales Ashton Krantz
9/3/10 Randy Boone Austin Ayers Randy Boone
9/3/10 Dwayne Overby Walter Black Dwayner Overby
8/27/10 Robert Blackwell Austin Ayers Robert Blackwell
8/27/10 Billy Duke Blake Billings Blake Billings
8/27/10 Jeff Hornal Dwayne Overby Dwayne Overby
8/27/10 Ashton Knowles Dan Peeples Ashton Knowles
8/20/10 Dan Kleppin Thomas Kleppin Thomas Kleppin
8/20/10 Mickey Abell Dwayne Overby Dwayne Overby
8/20/10 Dwayne Overby Don Embry Dwayne Overby
8/20/10 Todd Boone Randy Boone Randy Boone
8/13/10 Chris Quinn James Brake Chris Quinn
8/13/10 Jonathan Baker Allen Mann Jonathan Baker
8/6/10 Brian Liles Justin Johnson Brian Liles
8/6/10 Jeff Hornal Brandon Denfly Jeff Hornal
8/6/10 Jeff Bates Terry Frost Jeff Bates
7/30/10 Jeff Hornal Don Emry Don Emry
7/30/10 Vijay Rampersand James Rowlett Vijay Rampersand
7/30/10 Robert Blackwell Randy Boone Robert Blackwell
7/30/10 Gideon Alcon James Little Gideon Alcon
7/30/10 Walker Black David Wilbur Walker Black
7/30/10 Tim Inman Duane Lackey Tim Inman
7/23/10 Walker Black Charlie Hudgens Charlie Hudgens
7/2/10 Henry Finn Larry Hand Larry Hand
7/2/10 Tim Evans Billy Duke Tim Evans
7/2/10 Dwayne Lackey Robert Knight Robert Knight
7/2/10 Summer Adams Billy Warren, Jr. Billy Warren, Jr.
7/2/10 Billy Warren, Jr. Josh Bailey Josh Bailey
7/2/10 James Rowlett Jonathan Baker James Rowlett
7/2/10 Billy Williams Dwayne Lackey Dwayne Lackey
6/25/10 Randy Boone Randall Jarmon Randy Boone
6/25/10 Dwayne Lackey Jonathan Lackey Dwayne Lackey
6/25/10 Jonathan Baker Gideon Alcon Jonathan Baker
6/18/10 Robert Blackwell Gideon Alcon Robert Blackwell
6/18/10 Diego Oldham Robert Knight Robert Knight
6/18/10 Billy Duke Larry Hand Larry Hand
6/11/10 Thomas Kleppin Edgar De Nacimiento Edgar De Nacimiento
6/11/10 Jonathan Baker Robert Blackwell Robert Blackwell
6/11/10 Charlie Hudgens Don Embry Charlie Hudgens
6/11/10 Austin Ayers Keith Hernandez Austin Ayers
6/4/10 Thomas Kleppin Jeff Bates Thomas Kleppin
6/4/10 Torre McClain Kelly Collon Kelly Collon
6/4/10 Kelly Collon Josh Lynch Kelly Collon
6/4/10 Charlie Hudgens Chris Quinn Charlie Hudgens
6/4/10 Larry James Tommy Maddox Larry James
6/4/10 Troy Blackwell Scott Pemprin Troy Blackwell
5/21/10 Jonathan Baker Randy Boone Randy Boone
5/21/10 Austin Ayres Pitman Huffine Austin Ayres
5/7/10 Kevin McCollum Camden Holder Kevin McCollum
5/7/10 Triple Cheese Lybarger Charlie Hudgens Charlie Hudgens
5/7/10 Austin Ayers Money Martin Money Martin
5/7/10 Camden Holder Money Martin Camden Holder
4/30/10 Thomas Kleppin Triple Cheese Lybarger Triple Cheese Lybarger
4/30/10 Jacob Bradberry Steven Higginbotham Steven Higginbotham
4/30/10 Billy Warren, Jr. John Elvis Choate John Elvis Choate
4/30/10 Robert Blackwell Shane Groshong Shane Groshong
4/30/10 Ron Morris Perry Morris Perry Morris
4/30/10 Gideon Alcon Shane Groshong Shane Groshong
4/23/10 Diego Oldham Billy Duke Billy Duke
4/23/10 Shane Groshong Terry Frost Terry Frost
4/23/10 Michael Rooney Triple Cheese Lybarger Triple Cheese Lybarger
4/23/10 Fred Blair James Kirchoff Fred Blair
4/23/10 Austin Ayers David Richards Austin Ayers
4/23/10 Steven Higgenbothom Shawn Denton Steven Higgenbothom
4/23/10 Jamie Romines Jose Morales Jamie Romines
4/16/10 Brandon George Trey Binkley Brandon George
4/16/10 Joey Markum Jacob Bradbury Jacob Bradbury
4/16/10 Claude Peters Randy Boone Randy Boone
4/16/10 Cody Baker Trevor Clemens Cody Baker
4/9/10 Chris Henthorne James Rowlett James Rowlett
4/9/10 Charlie Hudgens Triple Cheese Lybarger Triple Cheese Lybarger
4/9/10 Robert Blackman Austin Ayers Austin Ayers
4/2/10 Allen Mann Randy Boone Allen Mann
4/2/10 Speedy Ogg Allen Mann Speedy Ogg
4/2/10 Charlie Hudgens Jeremy Ford Charlie Hudgens

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