Rules and Procedures

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Friday Results


  • Trophies to CLASS Winners and Runners-up.

  • INTERNET PICTURES to CLASS Winners and GRUDGE Winners.

  • FRIDAY STREET DRAGS on a real 1/8th Mile NHRA Dragstrip.

  • Infrared "Full Tree" start - electronic finish line - green light win -  scoreboards!


  • Participants must pass tech inspection.  Bikers need helmet, leather jacket, gloves, jeans (no shorts – no warm-up pants) & shoes covering the ankle.  NHRA rules apply.
  • Purchase Admission and Tech Card - Only $5 Buy Back to Trophy Cars and Trophy Bikes.
  • Win light determines the victor.
  • Computer ET time slips - with your real racing results!
  • On special Challenge Races “you call the shots” - CLICK HERE.

It's easy - you must have a valid drivers license.  Footbrake racing for street legal cars and bikes with "non-delay" - "no-button" - and "no-transbrake" race vehicles welcome.  Again, footbrake racing with no button on your steering wheel, shifter or dash -  on Open Racing Friday Nights!


  • Purchase Admission and then get a $10 Tech Card at the front gate at Music City Raceway on Fridays after 6:00 PM.   Spectator Admission is only $5.  Only $10 more to race!  If you need it - only $5 to buy back.

  • Fill out the Tech Card completely -

  • Go to Tech Inspection.  Get your car inspected.  Sign releases and adhere to rules of the track.

  • You will be assigned a "racing number" if you don't already have one . . . and you will need to place it on your vehicle front window and passenger side window (shoe polish preferred by racers).  White shoe polish in concessions stand.

  • Get in lanes one (1) and two (2) - right lane is (1) and left lane is (2), for  a "Full Tree" which is generally used by bracket racers. (If you get there early you will see the staging and racing process). 

  • Lanes are cut-off approximately an hour before eliminations - if you want a bunch of time trials . . . get there early and not just before the National Anthem.

  • Run eliminations after the National Anthem - you WIN you stay in.  You miss a round - you are out . . . or Buy Back at the front gate. 

  • Challenge Racing - this will be out of lane five (5) and coordinated with Big K or the Friday night lane director - CLICK HERE.

  • Run Your Own Race - this will be out of lanes three (3) and four (4) and arranged in advance with Rick at - CLICK HERE.

Note:  You can run the Friday Street Legal Program Class - Challenge Racing - and your own Race (if you want - organized in advance) . . . Friday Fun Drags!


  • OPEN TROPHY BRACKETS FOR CARS AND BIKES – Full Tree Time Trials and Eliminations out of Lanes "1 & 2" for Cars and Spectator or "Biker Side" for Bikes.  Street bikes, 4-wheelers, delay box bikes, scooters also Open Trophy Races - no crosstalk. Winner and Runner-Up trophies to Cars and Bikes.  Internet Winners Circle pictures to Winners and Runners-up.
  • NEW CHALLENGE RACING – Custom paring in the lanes with “DROP THE FLAG” style start, (drop the rubber chicken, flashlight start, drop the nachos with cheese tray, or drop the turkey) negotiated car length starts and track official final call “eyeball” the finish line.  WIN 2 out of 3 races and get a "Challenge Racing WINNER Shirt". . . racers be ready.  Racers decide terms between themselves.  All negotiations PRIOR to grudge.  Challenges must start before 9:30 PM. One Challenge Win per night for Challenging Races and Loser can be challenged at most twice.  No extra tech card required.

For more "Challenge Racing" Information - and what happens click HERE . . . .

How it works:  Computerized timing system by TSI with infrareds at the starting line and photocells at the finish line - 660 feet or 1/8th mile.  You get ET (elapsed time) and MPH (mile per hour) printouts on each pass.  Computer automatically starts you when cars in both lanes are pre-staged and then staged.  “Once the yellow lights start coming down – you get ready to GO.”  All race participants must go through tech and wear applicable safety equipment.